Future Managers
Future Managers International North South TVET ICT Conference & Edutech Expo
Venue: Century City Conference Centre and Hotel, Cape Town

Theme: The Connected College - Leading and Innovating towards Student Employability in a Digital Age

Dates: 31 July - 2 August 2017

What does it really mean to be a “Connected College” in the digital age?

Are you relevant to your students in the 21st century?

The 2017 International North South TVET ICT Conference will explore the ways in which our college lecturers can use their surrounding landscapes as a ubiquitous learning environment - including the landscape of technology and social media--to re-envision what happens inside and outside our educational institutions and classrooms, with the ultimate view of empowering our students with the technological skills which are required for the world of work. Colleges need to create a connected learning community comprised of different learning environments including local (professional learning community), contextual (personal learning network), and global (community of practice).

The Future Managers International North South TVET ICT conference is the annual event where delegates from the TVET sector, universities, local and international, meet to share best practices, engage and learn how to deal with the challenges of the connected student in the classroom of the 21st century.

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Why should you attend the conference?

Skills Development in the era of the fourth industrial revolution is evolving worldwide as emergent educational environments demand the adoption of 21st-century skills, higher-level ICT capacities and digital technologies.The Education & Training sector is facing a period of disruption initiated by an emerging plethora of private online academies using advanced digital online systems. Industry is following suit with many companies implementing their own online learning systems.

As the world is shrunk into a single marketplace by these disruptive technologies, and students are attracted by their advanced online education systems and beguiling marketing(Study Anywhere! Anytime! Guaranteed results at affordable rates!”), the sector is beginning to rethink and reshape the notion of campus environments. The Department of Higher Education and Training’s development of the National Open Learning Framework already shows that where learning takes place no longer assumes the meaning of a physical space.

Whether the sound of ‘disruption’ makes them hear opportunity knocking or alarm bells ringing, Education & Training providers will occupy knocking this highly innovative, rapidly evolving space, but need to do so while retaining their competitive edge of quality delivery.

Evolution of Online Learning Digital disruption in Education Artificial intelligence
Innovative use of Open Educational Resources Rethinking the roles of educators Augmented Reality/ Virtual reality/ Mixed reality
Digital evolution: a new approach to teaching and learning in Higher Education Distance and online learning for TVET V360 for apprenticeship training
Ubiquity of social media Rethinking how higher institutions work Cloud computing
Blockchain technologies Gamification in education  
Big Data Robotics  
Data analysis Cloud computing in education  

Who should Attend?

All Public AND PRIVATE TVET Colleges (FET) E-Learning Practitioners Academic Managers and Subject Specialists
Lecturers College Principals IT Managers


An exhibition and demonstration area accompanies the programme, where leading teaching and learning technology suppliers and service providers present their latest products and services.


Full Conference Registration: R4000.00 per delegate
Registration per day: R1450.00 per delegate
Group Registration: R3695.00 per delegate (up to 4 delegates per group)
Fees are VAT incl.
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